HIV and AIDS: Research, Education, Prevention

Let's work together to free the world of this disease. Together we can make a difference.

HIV and AIDS research is a vital thing that doesn't get the exposure it should. There is a stigma around it even to this day. Widespread ignoring of the AIDS epidimic of the 80s caused so many people to be taken from us early. It's time that we shine a light on this and work toward increasing our attempts to both bring awareness that it isn't the death sentence that it once was if managed correctly, but also to ensure that research continues to be funded so that we can find better ways to treat and ultimately cure this disease.

There needs to be more education and awareness about safe sex practicies so that we can reduce the rate of infection as we work toward medical research that will allow us to remove this disease from our lives.

I'm participating in Lifewalk to ensure that the platform that I have can be used to help further the caues of ensuring that we never have to go through the devistation that was experienced in the 80s ever again. Fight for a cure, you can help by donating to this vital cause.

Let's work together to ensure that we move toward a world where HIV and AIDS is a thing of the past.

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