She's got the Beef!

Hey Y’all!

After such a fantastic whirlwind of a year, I am ready to be back and helping raise money for LifeWalk and the Turtle Creek Chorale team!

Let me tell you a little about Ginni. Little Orphan Ginni was lost and wandering (not like those Millenials), with no one to help and love her. She started off with humble beginnings, learning early on she had a knack for makin’ money while lookin’ like a snack, and she never looked back. She finally found her way to here and found where she needed to be, right here with the Ladies of the TCC! Making her grand appearance at the first-ever Marsha & Friend’s Drag Brunch, she has become loved by many many many many men, and helped the Turtle Creek Team hit their goal of raising $30,000 in 2018!

We help LifeWalk and Prism health because of the great service they are doing for the community, helping people living with HIV/AIDS get the medications and treatments they need to live full happy, healthy lives.

We are looking forward to crushing this goal this year, hoping to bring in even more money with all of our great events in the books. Who can say no to brunches, boys, birthdays, and booze? Maybe even a boobie thrown in for good measure.

We will wrap up this seasons festivities with, what I say, is the greatest pageant I have ever had the privilege of participating in, Miss Big Thickette 2019! I look forward to seeing all of your shining faces over these next few months!


Loves & Kisses


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  • Cash Collected May 2019 $109.00
  • Steven Westcott April 2019
  • Russ Weeks April 2019 $35.00
  • Cash Collected April 2019 $586.00
  • Cedar Springs Taphouse April 2019 $142.50
  • Cedar Springs Taphouse April 2019 $645.00
  • Turtle Creek Chorale March 2019 $631.00
  • Cash Collected April 2019 $586.00
  • Shantaé Morgan April 2019 $177.87
  • Cedar Springs Taphouse April 2019 $142.50