Your LifeWalk Funds Benefit Prism Health North Texas


We all deserve quality healthcare- no exceptions. Donations to LifeWalk ensure everyone who needs care

receives care. To address health inequities experienced by North Texans living with and at risk for HIV, Prism

Health North Texas provides expert whole-health medical care and all-encompassing social support to remove

stigma and barriers associated with individual experiences. Examples of services include: sexual health 

testing, case management, health insurance assistance, HIV prevention and education, behavioral health,

research, and more.


Below are some patient demographics served by Prism Health North Texas.


According to Forbes Magazine, an average 85% of charitable

funds were returned to Programs & Services. Prism Health

North Texas exceeds the national average by making sure 93.8% of

money received goes towards Programs & Services. You can be rest

assured your donations to LifeWalk will be doing more for the lives of

Prism Health North Texas patients than just keeping the lights on in

their exam rooms. 

With your help,

we can end the HIV Epidemic in North Texas!