David's Story

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David* has been a patient of Prism Health North Texas, for many years. His journey has not been easy, and he faces multiple barriers to accessing healthcare. He is homebound and has a live-in caregiver and requires the use of a wheelchair for mobility, a necessity for daily living, and to get to and from medical appointments.    

David’s* most recent wheelchair was an older model, donated by another agency. Unfortunately, this wheelchair didn’t last long, became unstable and no longer provided him with a safe method for movability, and prevented him from going to his medical appointments. David’s* case manager began diligently working to acquire a new wheelchair for him. Unfortunately, agency closures due to COVID-19, and his ineligibility for Medicare assistance made finding a new wheelchair almost impossible. Thanks to his dedicated case manager and funds available through generous donors to Prism Health North Texas, David* recently received a brand-new wheelchair.  

David* can now safely get to his medical appointments and can continue to be independent at home and throughout the community in his new wheelchair. 

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality 

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