LifeWalk 2022   ○   Turtle Creek Chorale

Colby Braley

February 4, 2022 12:00am - October 10, 2022 5:00pm

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Join me in helping end HIV by donating today!

Join me in helping end HIV by donating today!

My goal is clear: To raise at least $20,000.00 dollars and you can help achieve that goal.  I am so honored to be apart of such a tremendous movement and to help Prism Health North Texas provide services to the HIV/AIDS community in Dallas/Fort Worth.

With your donation, you are helping create an option for someone who might have lost all hope. You are helping provide an alternative to someone who might be looking for something unhealthy. You are providing hope. That has been the driving force behind my fundraising this year, hope. A hope that this community will see their futures. A hope that HIV/AIDS will find a cure. A hope for better lives and bigger dreams. 

I joined the Turtle Creek Chorale in August of 2016 and have found an amazingly accepting family. They have provided me with support in more ways than I can imagine through friendships, compassion and love. It was with the Turtle Creek Chorale that I finally felt comfortable diving into the world of drag and took on the persona of Betty SiSonnet. I competed in the 2017 Miss Big Thickette pageant and came away raising a little over $200. I started a little early in 2018 and competed again raising a little more than $1200. 2019 has been the biggest year yet, raising over $19,000 for our local community. I hope to get close to that goal this year! 

With the pandemic that has ravaged the world, I know that times are hard. Know that your donation not only helps benefit those that are struggling in our community but provides a ray of beautiful light to our world! 


About Prism Health North Texas

Prism Health North Texas' mission is to advance the health of North Texas through education, research, prevention, and personalized integrated HIV care. The organization provides free STI and HIV testing, STI and HIV treatment, HIV primary care, PrEP prevention services, transgender primary care, behavioral health, and case management to our community. Learn more at  





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  • Turtle Creek Chorale September 2022 $4,294.00
  • Colby Braley September 2022 $113.00
  • Mark Manley, Realtor Dearest Betty (aka Colby). We are super proud of you and the impact that your dedication and ongoing support of LifeWalk and Prism Health North Texas is making to the LGBTQIA+ community. Keep up the hard work and know that we are here to support you as you September 2022 $1,000.00
  • Marsha Dimes September 2022 $1,660.00
  • Colby Braley August 2022
  • Turtle Creek Chorale September 2022 $4,294.00
  • Colby Braley April 2022 $4,000.00
  • Colby Braley May 2022 $3,788.56
  • Colby Braley April 2022 $3,000.00
  • Marsha Dimes September 2022 $1,660.00

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