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Help me raise funds for LifeWalk 2019 benefiting Prism Health North Texas in their mission of advancing the health of North Texas through education, research, prevention, and personalized integrated HIV care.


Hello everyone! My name is Jones Yen, and this is my first year participating in LifeWalk. Help me by donating and joining the cause! 

I’ll be participating with Team LUV, a group of CoHearts, friends, and family members from the one and only Southwest Airlines. I wanted to take this opportunity to give back, especially to a cause so near and dear to the LGBTQ community. And... y'all know I'm not active enough for no marathon/bike riding nonsense like some of my other friends! Thank you for visiting my page and helping me make a difference! Every little bit counts and can help make an impact. 

Why this is Important:

Although leaps and bounds have been made with regards to prevention and treatment, HIV remains an epidemic and public health crisis with no vaccine or cure. HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination also remain as major social issues prevalent in the community. 

Some facts and figures, statistics, numbers, etc.:

  • Approximately 1.1 ~ 1.2 Million people in the United States are living with HIV today
  • Globally, there were approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS in 2017
  • In 2017, an estimated 18,073 people were living with HIV in Dallas County, representing an increase of 44% since 2008
  • In Dallas County, a quarter of new diagnoses of HIV are 24 years old or younger
  • Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men bear the greatest burden by risk group, representing an estimated 26,000 of new HIV infections per year
  • Racial minorities and the Trans community are at higher risks, and discrimination against LGBTQ people makes them particuarly vulnerable to HIV


About the Organization:

Prism Health North Texas






Prism Health North Texas (formerly AIDS Arms) is the largest local nonprofit organization providing care to those living with HIV/AIDS in North Texas.

Their mission is to combat HIV/AIDS in our community by improving the lives and health of individuals living with the disease and preventing its spread. Since 1986, the organization has provided services including the following. All testing and prevention services are free to anyone in the community:

  • HIV Testing and Prevention
  • Long Term Risk Reduction Intervention
  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Client Eligibility and Intake
  • Case Management
  • Outpatient Medical Care
  • Medication Assistance
  • Medical Case Management
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment and Support
  • Prison Outreach and Community Re-entry
  • Empowerment Groups
  • Client Education

To learn more about this cause, check out Prism Health North Texas' Website and Social Media @PrismHealthNTX (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter#PHNTX

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