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This will be my 9th LifeWalk.  I can hardly believe I have worked at Prism Health North Texas that long.  Feels like yesterday - it is the best job I have ever had.  Did you know that there are folks in our community that have walked and raise funds for nearly 30 years!  This is what inspires me and makes coming to work such a joy.  They are an example to me.  

30 years ago people died of AIDS.  There were no treatments - just easing of symptoms and helping to die with dignity.  Thanks to the thousands who have walked and raised funds and awareness there are effective treatments and prevention tools.  We will see the end of new HIV infections on my lifetime.  And you can help!

When you give you are insuring everyone who needs HIV medical care recieves it as well as PrEP - which prevents HIV.  You can make the difference.  

Please give as generous a gift that you can.  93% of every donation goes straight to support people who need care in your community.

Thank you!

Tori xo

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