Volunteering for LifeWalk

Help Us Make a Difference!

LifeWalk would NOT happen without over 300 volunteers donating their time and talents! Volunteers serve as cheerleaders, water station crew members, signage experts, decoration crew, and more. To volunteer for an upcomming LifeWalk event, please fill out our volunteer form.

Groups: Do you have a large group or a team that would like volunteer together? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to arrange a group volunteer activity during an upcomming LifeWalk event. We are always happy to work individually with groups to create the best experience!

Event Leadership - LifeWalk Steering Committee

Willing to Take the Next Step? Join the LifeWalk Steering Committee!

The LifeWalk Steering Committee is a special group of volunteers that are committed to executing all aspects of LifeWalk. This group meets on a monthly basis from March-October. The time commitment is approximately 3-5 hours a month.

As a Steering Committee member you get to:

  • Be an ambassador for LifeWalk and Prism Health North Texas throughout the community
  • Attend and promote outreach and recruitment efforts and LifeWalk Events
  • Participate in fundraising efforts (individual, sponsors, in-kind, and more!)
  • Serve to further LifeWalk communications, outreach and recruitment, team development, or events
  • On the day of LifeWalk - Steering Committee members take the lead on all aspects from the beginning to end of the event. (ex. Route Crew, Registration, Park Layout, Stage Managers, and more!)

Are you interested in learning more or becoming a member of the LifeWalk Steering Committee? Please contact Terry Walker for more information.