Tom's Story

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Spring 2009 -

Tom* left the Dallas County Health Department with his referral and a bus pass to Prism Health North Texas clutched in his hand. He has just found out he is HIV positive and has Hepatitis C. He has nowhere to turn, and no family. At 53 years old, he is struggling to comprehend how and when his life took this turn. His memory is blurred by years of self-medicating with alcohol and drugs. He is a Vietnam veteran, and served his country with honor and pride, but now he has been homeless for years, roaming the city by day and sleeping in different parks at night. All he knows now is that he is ill and needs help.

Tom boards the bus and sets off for Prism Health North Texas’ Peabody Clinic.  Tom arrives with no identification and all of his belongings stuffed into an old back pack. He shuffles in the front door, defeated, angry, and mad. After a medical exam and consultation with a physician, Tom is prescribed a 90-day supply of three different medications to begin treating HIV. Tom wonders how he can manage keeping up with this – he has been robbed all too frequently living on the streets and worries he may be robbed again, and lose his medication. He takes only one month supply of the medication and leaves the rest at the clinic, promising to keep his appointments and pick up his medication as necessary.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality 

Thank you for walking and supporting health care for all North Texans living with HIV. Every dollar you raise impacts a life affected by HIV/AIDS. Together, one step at a time, we will illuminate a path to better health care and end HIV/AIDS.